Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Changes to the SPA Inter Club Competition (ICC)

Fri 22/04/2011 15:37

From Tony Charters Surrey Photographic Association.
"I am very pleased to say that, by a 25:1 majority, the clubs represented at the meeting on April 21st supported the proposal by the ICC Sub Committee to move away from a knock-out competition to two annual events, one for prints and the other for PDIs, to be run along the lines of similar PAGB events with silent judging replacing critique.

Armed with that decision, the ICC Sub-Committee will now work on the fine tuning and shall aim to publish the details as soon as possible.

As clubs wish to finalise their programme for the 2011/2012 season, any weekday dates reserved for ICC events may now be used for other things as the proposed annual events will be either a Saturday or Sunday. The timing of the new events depends on location and availability but November for PDIs and May for prints will be considered."


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