Friday, 20 May 2011

Photographica Fair 22 May

Photographic collectors and users gather at camera fair
If you hanker after a daguerreotype or are looking for that long lost lens cap to fit a rare lens then Photographica, the UK's largest photographic collectors fair, could have the answer.

The fair is organised by the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain and takes place on Sunday 22 May. Inside you will find all manner of goodies on offer from around 200 dealers.



Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sofa So Naked

From the Independent 

"Dean Stockings has photographed regular people from all walks of life, as well as household names like Toyah Willcox, naked on their own sofas.

There’s something quite intimate about a sofa. Whether leather and shiny, chintzy, saggy, ancient and threadbare or pristinely plumped-up, a sofa certainly reflects its regular occupant’s taste and often, after years of lounging, their shape.
This was the notion that first occurred to photographer Dean Stockings when he surveyed the blank wall above his own sofa, perplexed as to how to fill it. He hit upon the idea of doing a Warhol-esque portrait of the couch itself. But having quizzed his friends he quickly realised that as a place of comfort and familiarity the humble settee was a perfect backdrop to experiment with something more outlandish: getting people to pose naked on their sofas.

He “twisted the arms” of a few friends and relatives who agreed to be photographed. He asked them to choose a prop which reflected their personalities and which, strategically placed, could save their modesty. The props ranged from the weird and wonderful – a pet tortoise, a Sesame Street backpack, leather harnesses – to a sitar, a favourite record, a statue of the Virgin Mary and a skein of wool."

May be members of Malden Camera Club would like to  do something like this for a future competition !!

New Malden Arts Festival

Last weekend I visited the New Malden Arts Festival held at Christ Church.  I was most impressed by the exhibition of photographs taken by Hugh Griffiths Deputy Chairman of Malden Camera Club.  Hugh photographs included landscapes featuring Iceland, the Lake District.  Hugh’s photographs were on sale to raise money for Christian Aid; of particular interest was the photo book that Hugh created. This shows what can be done and it would be interesting to hear from Hugh how he went about producing the book.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Disassembly: vintage gadgets are taken apart and photographed by Todd McLellan

Taking gadgets apart and putting them back together again seems to be hard-wired into the DNA of many men. Canadian photographer Todd McLellan takes this urge to find out how things work one step further. For his 'Disassembly' series, he took several vintage gadgets apart, and laid out all of their inner workings in an orderly fashion
The intricate parts of a typewriter are laid out neatly in Todd's studio

Deadline for Entries for the Annual Exhibition 2011

The closing date for submitting entries for inclusion in  our annual exhibition is Thursday 12 May

Link to page on the Club website where you can download entry forms

Malden Camera Club Workshop 5 May

We plan to make the Workshop session this Thursday a fun and active evening for all members.
John Rowe has prepared a presentation on "Controlling Your Camera", a guide to the basic functions and controls on a camera and how to use them to create the pictures you want to take.

Roland is going to be leading a session on Flash photography called "Take One Flash". We'll look at basic flash operation and control as well as considering ways to control the quality of the light produced. There will be opportunities to make flash modifiers and experiment with off camera flash, shooting outside and inside the library.

Both sessions will defintely be hands-on so bring your cameras and kit, especially flashes and accessories. Items to use in table top setups will be very useful. This will be an evening to try the things you've been meaning to but never seem to find the time.

After the break, Gaynor will be reporting back on the results of the members' survey with a discussion

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011 winners

The winner of the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011 title and the £5,000 prize for the best single image is UK-based photographer Colin Roberts for Sea Thrift Flowers. His picture depicts Widemouth Bay in Cornwall, as a beautiful sunset streams across the sea view, illuminating the flowers in the foreground. Colin’s winning photograph was chosen from the Wildflowers category.

Contest judge Clive Nichols said: "This image struck me immediately - the depth of field is superb, leading the eye from the beautifully backlit flowers in the foreground all the way to the sea on the horizon, giving a great sense of depth to the picture and placing the thrift in context."