Monday, 31 January 2011

Spur of the moment photography

Spur of the moment photography

Just before Sunday lunch I was invited by Enrico Di Vito and Bartosz Morawiecz to Claremont gardens at Esher on a sunny afternoon to do some photography.

We met up and spent a few very enjoyable hours having a wonderful time taking photographs and talking about cameras and the meaning of life.
I recommend members get together to do something similar. In my experience you will have a get deal of fun and learn about more about photography by doing it together.  By the way lunch was postponed from 14:30 to 17:00  so my children had a good appetite by the time I got home

My thanks to Enrico and Bartosz for inviting me along 

Image is from Enrico

Friday, 28 January 2011

News from the AGM

For those of you who were unable to attend the AGM.

Gaynor Davis volunteered to be Chairman and was duly voted in by all those present and we will all give her our full support and welcome her as the Clubs’ first lady Chairman. 

Because of personal circumstances  she may have to relinquish the role around May.  I am sure we would all wish to express our thanks to her for volunteering for this role

Further good news, despite inflation the Club subscription remains at £52.50.   Could you please pay John Rowe the Treasurer as soon as possible at the meeting or by post  

Attached to this email is an application and renewal form, we are updating the membership database and need to ensure all information is up to date could you please complete the attached form and return to Eddie Hatcher the Membership Secretary.

The AGM ended with an informal discussions on a variety of topics including the exhibition, mentoring, the programme of events and general feedback from Club members. The Committee will discuss the best way to mentor members about photography.   I am happy to mentor any member on a one to one basis.

I am now in Publicity Officer tasked with promoting  MCC

·        Drafting publicity material for approval by the Committee. Including membership pack, publicity brochures, posters etc.
·        Liaise with the MCC web master
·        As required, liaise with local press and others to promote MCC
·        Maintain the club news blog, Flickr and Facebook pages, Email news to members etc
·        Maintain an online archive of club documents and templates etc
·        Produce the “Print” Newsletter quarterly
·        Provide support to the MCC committee and members as and when required.
I will be an ex-officio member of the MCC Committee.

I am grateful to Bartosz who has set up a Club presence on Twitter at

This will enable people to receive news about the Club direct to their mobile phones, IPods, IPads and Computers

Turtle Recall

From the Guardian photojournalist: Dan Kitwood

"London-based Getty Images photographer Dan Kitwood visits Heathrow airport's animal reception centre and captures on film the many animals that pass through its doors, ranging from snow leopards and elephants, snakes and crocodiles, to cats and dogs"

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kite Photography

How about having a go at kite photography. Kite aerial photography (KAP) is a hobby and a type of photography. A camera is lifted using a kite and is triggered either remotely or automatically to take aerial photographs. The camera rigs can range from the extremely simple, consisting of a trigger mechanism with a disposable camera, to complex apparatus using radio control and digital cameras. On some occasions it can be a good alternative to other forms of aerial photography.

To see examples of kite photography have a look at this article in the Telegraph showing images made by Eric Kieboom, link to his Flickr page

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Darcy Padilla's Julie Project: when photography becomes humanitarian

From the Guardian

"Darcy Padilla's award-winning 18-year project documents the life and death of one woman, capturing in miniature the plight of America's 'permanent poor'

In November, Darcy Padilla, a San Francisco-based documentary photographer, was awarded the 2010 W Eugene Smith award in humanistic photography. The award, which includes a $30,000 grant, is bestowed annually on a photographer who upholds the tradition of what the judges describe as Smith's "concerned photography and dedicated passion". Padilla certainly fits the bill.

She began the Julie Project 18 years ago, in 1993. Through thousands of pictures, as well as letters, journal entries, logs of phone conversations and newspaper cuttings, it tracks the blighted life of Julie Baird, a women Padilla first met in 1993 in the lobby of San Francisco's run-down Ambassador hotel – "barefoot, pants unzipped, and an eight-day-old infant in her arms". Back then, Julie was 18, and lived with a man called Jack, from whom she had contracted Aids. She was strung out on heroin, and had been living on the streets since running away from home at 14.

"For the last 18 years", Padilla writes on her website, "I have photographed Julie Baird's complex story of multiple homes, Aids, drug abuse, abusive relationships, poverty, births, deaths, loss and reunion. Following Julie from the backstreets of San Francisco to the backwoods of Alaska."

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hipstamatic photography exhibition - in pictures

A new exhibition based on a blog of the best shots taken using the Hipstamatic iPhone app is showing at the Orange Dot gallery in London until 12 February

Friday, 21 January 2011

Rules for the Outings Competition

The rules the annual outings competition for prints, slides and digital images.

 Date for the 2011 competition is 3rd February

  • Competition date: late March
  • Closing date: two weeks prior to competition
  • Classes: (i) prints - open (ii) enprints and (iii) slides/digital - open
  • Categories: images taken at club outings in previous year
  • Number of images per member: maximum (i) 2 prints / enprints (ii) 2 slides and (iii) 2 digital
    NB: Additional images welcome, submitted with competition entries, for showing to fill available time in the evening
  • Presentation: as for Internal League Competition but slides may be plastic/card mounted
  • Judging: Panel comprising competition secretary/ies and other(s) subject to minimum of three to select winner in each class
  • Awards: Panel to award trophies to winners of prints, enprints and slides / digital classes
Club Rules

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Welcome to the Malden Camera Club blog of all the latest news and views

Welcome to this new blog which is to tell you all about the latest news and views, the blog also allows members to add comments to the posts

The blog has RSS news feeds to which allow people to subscribe to the blog and have posts sent to their RSS readers.