Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Malden Camera Club Workshop 5 May

We plan to make the Workshop session this Thursday a fun and active evening for all members.
John Rowe has prepared a presentation on "Controlling Your Camera", a guide to the basic functions and controls on a camera and how to use them to create the pictures you want to take.

Roland is going to be leading a session on Flash photography called "Take One Flash". We'll look at basic flash operation and control as well as considering ways to control the quality of the light produced. There will be opportunities to make flash modifiers and experiment with off camera flash, shooting outside and inside the library.

Both sessions will defintely be hands-on so bring your cameras and kit, especially flashes and accessories. Items to use in table top setups will be very useful. This will be an evening to try the things you've been meaning to but never seem to find the time.

After the break, Gaynor will be reporting back on the results of the members' survey with a discussion

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