Friday, 3 June 2011

Make hay meadow photos while the sun shines

From the Guardian

A rare ancient hay meadow in full bloom at Barrowburn Farm, Northumberland"Whether you take the vole's-eye view or go big and capture the geometry, hay meadows can make for wonderful photography.

How to capture the essence of a hay meadow in a photograph? You could try the vole's eye-view, laying the camera with a wide angle lens on the ground, pointing skywards to capture the tracery of grasses and flowers on a blue canvas.

For the big picture, remember that hay meadows tend to be surrounded by regionally distinctive boundaries like the drystone walls and barns of the Yorkshire dales. They give a powerful sense of place and geometrical pattern when photographed from a distant vantage point with a telephoto.

Selective close-ups work well too. The shallow depth of focus of a long focal-length macro lens isolates individual blooms and insects against a diffuse background of floral colours. Or maybe you could try a slow shutter speed, to capture a zephyr of wind transforming flowers to an abstract blur of colour."

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