Thursday, 12 January 2012

Macro Photography Workshop 19 January

Members may feel it helpful to have a look at the post before attending the Macro Photography Workshop !9 January.  A good explanation of macro photography can be found on Wikipedia

For macro I use my Canon 40D with a 100mm Canon macro lens which gives a standoff of about 50 cm for 1:1.  To freeze movement, to increase depth of field and to darken backgrounds I use a Canon 580EXII flash and high speed sync.The camera is set manual, the desired aperture is selected and the flash used to control the amount of light for the correct exposure.

My macro setup
My setup is shown to the right. Normally I don't use a tripod.  I often set the focus to servo to allow for movement in the subject eg an airborne insect. Below is an image of a hover flycaptured using flash and below that an image of a Mayfly in the wild using natural light.  Because of the very shallow depth of field the photograph of the Mayfly was taken side on to ensure all the insect was in focus.

I have included a couple of videos for further more detailed help. I recommend Digital Macro Photography Ross Hoddinott published by PiP

Hover Fly - family Syrphidae

Common Blue Damselfly - Enallagma cyathigerum

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