Friday, 3 February 2012

News report on the highlights of the Malden Camera Club AGM held on 2/2/12

This is news report on the AGM and does not necessarily reflect the minutes which have yet to be published.

The club chairman Hugh Griffiths opened the meeting and proceeded to give a short over view of his year in office.  He gave particular thanks to Roland Adams for his work and dedication in making the 2011 programme such as success and gave Roland a book on photography in thanks for all that he has done.   In reviewing the past year Hugh highlighted the workshops which were all well attended and said that the club should continue its emphasis on providing opportunities for members to contribute their practical skills and expertise to help each other.  Then Hugh presented awards including those for the winners of the  Club league competitions.

Hugh Griffiths was re-elected Chairman, Brian Bailey Vice Chairman and Marion Strange as Club President.  John Rowe agreed to continue as Treasurer but only until the end of 2013, Richard Weston Secretary.  Enrico de Vito was welcomed on the Club Committee.


John Rowe presented the draft accounts for the year and explained how much money we have and how it’s being spent.  Mike Wood agreed to “audit” the accounts once they were finalised. John announced the subscription for 2012 was £52.50.  John went on to say that he would only continue on as Treasurer until the end of 2013. The Chairman and everyone else expressed their thanks to John for all the hard work he has done.

Club Committee

Fred Dawson was re-elected to Club Committee joined Enrico de Vito. There remain a number of vacancies on the Committee providing opportunities for members to be co-opted on.


Changes to members’ inclusion in the various competition classes were announced. There will be an intermediate class in the digital competitions. As soon as the lists are available they will be sent to members by email and posted on the Club Notice board.  Because of the lack of entries and new work, the slide class has been dropped from competitions. However this year will be a one off slide competition.


It has been agreed that the Club will use the internet and the Club Notice Board rather than a paper based club magazine to keep members up to date with new and events etc.  It was also pointed out that in order for this work well everyone needs to ensure that Fred Dawson has their up to date email address details. ( ) 


Regarding mentoring a list will be made available to members with mentors contact details and areas of interest and expertise over which they can provide advice and help.

The Raffle

The raffle was very well supported and thanks to all the members who contributed so generously to the raffle prizes and those who purchased tickets.

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