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Print competition on the set subject of street photography “Life on the streets”

Tomorrow is the 2nd round of the print competition on the set subject of street photography “Life on the streets” Judge: Tim Morland ARPS.  I am looking forward to seeing how people have interpreted the subject and how far they have gone in capturing street life in all in its wonderful aspects. How many people will focus on the seedier side of street life and how this reflects the recession we are all going through. How many people will focus on street performers and tourists etc?  

It will be interesting to see how the images are judged; will they be judged as examples of photojournalism or more on the ascetic qualities of the image.

Next week 
there will be Members' Evening: Show and Tell with Mini talks and demos on a variety of subjects by club members.

Olympic Photography
A report in the Guardian reports on a worrying trend to try and stop photography of Olympic venues from public areas.

Olympic Photography 

A useful guide to your  rights to take photographs 

BBC Interview - Has high tech killed pro photography?

I highly recommend a look at photographs by Maurice Broomfield. 

Maurice Broomfield left school at 15 to work in a factory and spent his evenings as a student in the Derby College of Art. Inspired by the drama of industry, he endeavoured to convey this atmosphere with photographs and sketches, bringing an insight to those who would never experience such things. In relation to his work, Maurice Broomfield comments: "I enjoy photographing people at work, and the many experiences whilst doing this have enriched my life. To be living on this planet, is to me, the greatest gift possible."

A Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Maurice Broomfield has had many exhibitions in Europe. His work was exhibited in Paul Smith's Floral Street Gallery in June 2000. The designer, Sir Paul Smith, comments: "Maurice Broomfield's photography captures the real heart of what was a booming but harsh time for the UK. Finding inspiration and creativity in gritty surroundings of every day work is inspiring in itself."

Web site and Gallery

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  1. This Guardian article is absolutely astonishing. I was at the Gold Challenge in the (real, actual, private property) Olympic Stadium a couple of weeks ago ... and took loads of pictures and had no challenges at all. So there is clearly a differential response - based on some peoples fears and their willingness to overstep our legal rights.