Friday, 28 January 2011

News from the AGM

For those of you who were unable to attend the AGM.

Gaynor Davis volunteered to be Chairman and was duly voted in by all those present and we will all give her our full support and welcome her as the Clubs’ first lady Chairman. 

Because of personal circumstances  she may have to relinquish the role around May.  I am sure we would all wish to express our thanks to her for volunteering for this role

Further good news, despite inflation the Club subscription remains at £52.50.   Could you please pay John Rowe the Treasurer as soon as possible at the meeting or by post  

Attached to this email is an application and renewal form, we are updating the membership database and need to ensure all information is up to date could you please complete the attached form and return to Eddie Hatcher the Membership Secretary.

The AGM ended with an informal discussions on a variety of topics including the exhibition, mentoring, the programme of events and general feedback from Club members. The Committee will discuss the best way to mentor members about photography.   I am happy to mentor any member on a one to one basis.

I am now in Publicity Officer tasked with promoting  MCC

·        Drafting publicity material for approval by the Committee. Including membership pack, publicity brochures, posters etc.
·        Liaise with the MCC web master
·        As required, liaise with local press and others to promote MCC
·        Maintain the club news blog, Flickr and Facebook pages, Email news to members etc
·        Maintain an online archive of club documents and templates etc
·        Produce the “Print” Newsletter quarterly
·        Provide support to the MCC committee and members as and when required.
I will be an ex-officio member of the MCC Committee.

I am grateful to Bartosz who has set up a Club presence on Twitter at

This will enable people to receive news about the Club direct to their mobile phones, IPods, IPads and Computers

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