Friday, 21 January 2011

Rules for the Outings Competition

The rules the annual outings competition for prints, slides and digital images.

 Date for the 2011 competition is 3rd February

  • Competition date: late March
  • Closing date: two weeks prior to competition
  • Classes: (i) prints - open (ii) enprints and (iii) slides/digital - open
  • Categories: images taken at club outings in previous year
  • Number of images per member: maximum (i) 2 prints / enprints (ii) 2 slides and (iii) 2 digital
    NB: Additional images welcome, submitted with competition entries, for showing to fill available time in the evening
  • Presentation: as for Internal League Competition but slides may be plastic/card mounted
  • Judging: Panel comprising competition secretary/ies and other(s) subject to minimum of three to select winner in each class
  • Awards: Panel to award trophies to winners of prints, enprints and slides / digital classes
Club Rules

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